Songs of worship and praise
December 8, 2022
AUDITON “Men Wanted“
December 8, 2022

5. Osijek music Wednesday

“In the Franciscan Church of St. Cross in Tvrđa, under the direction of conductor Goran Jerković, a concert was held by the “Ivan Filipović” Chamber Choir from Zagreb, and the program included sacred works by contemporary, unknown authors. What brings them together is their birth year. The program included nine compositions: four by foreign composers (born around 1960), two by 19th century composers, two by national composers (accompanied by the young organist Milan Hibšer) and one by the young composer J. Ćaleta (born in 1964).

From the first part of the concert, we highlight the performances of “Lux Aurumque”, a dynamically and polyphonically developed composition by E. Whitacre (b. 1971, soloist M. Golenić); the symphonized performance of “Ubi caritas”, composed by M. Lauridsen (b. 1943, perfect singing techniques). Also, a contemplative composition by J. Wachner “All creatures of our God and king” (with lyrics by St. Francis of Assisi, 1181-1226), national author I. J. Skender (b. 1981), and both with the high-quality organ collaboration of Milan Hibsher.

The highlight of the performance was the attractive composition “Virovanje” (Pridraga) by J. Ćaleta (b. 1964). Of particular importance were the accents of the local areas, the ways of autochthonous singing, in the great collaboration of tenors Ivan Rimac and Ivan Šćepanović.

What characterizes conductor Goran Jerković’s sophisticated selection and arrangement of the program? An extremely complex program, the performance (or pre-performance) of completely unknown compositions, the discovery of young authors who belong to the new era. And at this concert, choirmaster Jerković and the choir revealed their success in this, along with all other vocal choir qualities (well-practiced singing technique, developed musicality, elaborate tonal range, diction and range of parts).
We count Goran Jerković among the conductors who know well the charm of a cappella choral singing, which is a sign of excellence”.

– Branka Ban, Voice of Slavonia