Concert season 2018/2019
December 8, 2022
Concert season 2017/2018
December 8, 2022


This event attracted a lot of attention of the audience, so in front of many visitors in the church of St. Francis of Assisi Fr. Mile Vlašić, head of the Center for Education and Culture of the Čapljina Academy, addressed the audience: “Today our neighbors from Zagreb, our friends, are visiting, they are here for the first time in Čapljina, but they have settled in, they feel as if they have been here for a long time – Choir Ivan Filipović and its founder conductor Goran Jerković.

Everything we have read or heard about them these days is not even close to what we will hear here and that is why this concert is something special and tonight we have the opportunity to enjoy a capella singing, to enjoy beautiful compositions. We have eight compositions in our repertoire, each one is special, each one is different, each one is beautiful. Thank you for coming tonight, on this Saturday evening, thank you for recognizing the quality of the choir and our seriousness in our work.”

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